Thursday, March 8, 2012

Erasing The R Word

Ms. Barker's Leadership classes made a bold statement as they presented to the entire student body during long lunches on March 7. They used a combination of technology skills as they prepared and presented.

Previously in the semester Ms. Barker's classes did Public Service Announcements (PSA) to send out to the student body about bullying. They used flip cams to capture (scripted) bullying incidents on tape and then what reactions should be. They brought some of these same videos and skits into their presentation to the student body.

They also partnered with Ms. Biven and some of the Partners in PE to put a CeVMS face to the cause. Take a look at the compilation that they made and showed to the entire student body.

During the presentation, students captured the performances on stage and the reactions of the audience members on tape. They haven't had time to edit it down, but hopefully, when they do, I can share that with you as well.

The Leadership students gave a charge to the student body asking them to take a stand and be the voice for someone who is unable or unwilling to speak for themselves.

You can join them and take the plegde to "Erase the R Word" too by going to for more information.

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